Trans children: The UK is on the way back, not France

The French press did not make much of it: on July 29, the NHS (National Health Service), the British health system, announced the closure of its only center for the care of children “on the issue of gender”, the Tavistock Centre. The staggering increase in the number of its patients (more than 5,000 in 2022 against 250 ten years ago), the resignation of many senior managers of the center called “transphobes” and the Keira Bell case had attracted the attention of the NHS, which commissioned a report with disastrous conclusions. The way children were treated is said to be“shaking”. The Tavistock Center is accused, among other things, of having systematically issued puberty blockers to children under the age of 16 without “no attempt to examine other factors influencing mental well-being” and “refusal to monitor the effects of these treatments”.

Keira Bell’s legal battle against the center has ignited the gunpowder. This young English girl who, at 14, thought “not being born in the right body” had her breasts removed. The affair began when she was 16 when she went into the Tavistock Center for puberty blockers and hormone injections “after only three one-hour appointments”. Today, Keira Bell is happy with the decision by the NHS: “This means that many children will be saved from the path I have taken. It should have been done earlier. […] I thought this was the way to go (adjustment) but really I just needed support…mental health support and therapy. » The health authorities refer to “ideological maltreatment” center practitioner. And Times highlighted: The once pioneering center in north London focusing on psychiatric care for children has become an institute captured by a destructive clique of trans ‘queer theory’ activists unwilling to question the use of puberty blockers, to analyze the long-term effects of this untested treatment or to tolerate any dissenting opinions among staff. »

A matter of concern for France. The country, on the other hand, is experiencing a veritable epidemic of “gender issues” among minors, which has also triggered it in transition treatments with hormone intake and puberty blockers before the age of 15, and which are sometimes offered surgical interventions. In the autumn, Jean Chambry, head of CIAPA (Intersectoral reception center for young people in Paris), spoke about a worrying acceleration of medical responses to minors’ transfer requests ». Experts sign forums, warn the authorities and condemn the worrying “Ideological grip on children’s bodies made in the name of the liberation of the child-transgender”.

And you don’t have to go all the way to Britain to bump into Keira Bells. Mila, Hélène or Sacha: these young people who regret their transition are more and more to witness. They are angry with the adults who encouraged them in their madness, as Mila testifies: “Before the age of 25, the brain has not finished developing. Often, regrets emerge from this period of life when the torments of adolescence have finished plaguing us. How is it possible to let minors make these types of decisions? It is a total aberration. »

But the pressure from trans activists is strong. The media regularly highlights these parents who, for the sake of their child’s best interests, pressure them to “change sex”. To the highest peak in the state. Drafting his circular, Jean-Michel Blanquer encouraged the students to demand from the teachers the recognition of a change of name, attitude, access to places of intimacy in the genre they want. The report, published in March under the direction of Olivier Véran, always recommends more means to facilitate the medical treatment of trans people, including minors. The announcement on August 4 by Elisabeth Borne of the appointment of an “ambassador for LGBT+ rights” completes the building. Regardless of the bitter reality, it is the ideology that rules. Our children are not done shedding tears.

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