A former contestant on the reality show is in the middle of a divorce!

A candidate from 10 Perfect Couples to publicly reveal that she just broke up with her boyfriend. We reveal his identity and his motives!

On July 24, news hit everyone about the program 10 Perfect Couples. Specifically, this is more of a former reality show contestant who revealed a big reveal on social media.

That day, the latter confided in the public about her love life through a YouTube video. The candidate admitted that she has just broken up with her boyfriend after two years of relationship. Which candidate are we talking about exactly? What are the reasons for his decision? All the answers are included in this article!

10 Perfect Couples: A candidate has just resurfaced on You tube!

Some time after the end of the reality program, a candidate reappears before the public last Sunday. This young woman decided to throw a video on You tube. This allowed the many viewers of 10 Perfect Couples to find her! It is to highlight it the latter did not make this astonishing appearance for nothing.

This 10 Perfect Couples contestant had good reason to post this video online. The beautiful brunette wanted to make good news to her fans and subscribers. Unfortunately, this is a sad news about his personal life. In other words, we refer to his private life and his sentimental life !

Which candidate from 10 Perfect Couples is this? We are talking about the beautiful Yamina! The one we recognized on screen as Clément’s companion! She is the author of this footage circulating on the internet. Through this video, Yamina admits to the public that she just broke up with her mild-mannered boyfriend. A relationship that has lasted for two years !

Why ? The latter explained that this relationship had become toxic for her as well as for her companion. Despite their great love, these 10 Perfect Couple contestants have only been fighting lately. Over time, the situation was far from improving, as the arguments became more and more hideous. To avoid further damage, they decided to end their relationship.

This relationship has ruined the candidate’s everyday life!

In her confessions, the 10 Perfect Couples candidate reveals that she loves Clement with all her heart. However, she had to quickly get out of this relationship because it began to affect her daily life. Yamina to explain that at the beginning of their love story, the latter had no problems because she was madly in love.

10 perfect couples: In her remarks, the young woman said: “Clement is a very beautiful person. An incredibly beautiful person, and that’s also why I fell madly in love with him.”. Thereby, Yamina saw her future in him. Hence the reason why she claimed that: “In my eyes, he was my soulmate. Really, I dreamed of him before I saw him, when I looked into his eyes, it was my house. !

Despite this immeasurable love, their divergent views on life got over their complicity. Yamina of 10 Perfect Couples shared that Clement lived a life that was completely different from hers. By the time she met the latter, Yamina had already discovered that her companion was a major party animal. In other words, Clement is a lover of parties, nightlife and hectic life !

This is a completely contradictory concept of Yamina’s life with 10 perfect couples. The latter is more composed and hardworking. Nevertheless, in order to please her boyfriend, she sometimes tried to integrate herself into his world. Unfortunately, This approach had a strong influence on his professional life. !

10 Perfect Couples: Yamina wants an amicable breakup with Clément!

Yamina greatly regrets this decision to break up. Nevertheless, the young woman knows that she must do it for the benefit of both of them! She believes that their differences can harm their respective futures. This 10 Perfect Couples contestant hopes so, thoughthey will be able to remain good friends after this separation.

10 Perfect Couples: It should be noted that they have to share their apartment for a long time. At the time of their marriage, the latter chose the agreement of common good. To that end, they both own the house until they find a more permanent solution. In other words, we are talking about an efficient division of their property !

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