Iris Mittenaere in a string mini bikini: the ex-miss, the arsonist, raises the temperature on the web!

Iris Mittenaere is very active on social networks. Lately it has been his moments of relaxation in Greece which the beautiful brunette shares with her fans. The least we can say is that she is always magnificent in every picture.

Iris Mittenaere’s dream holiday

Like most French people, Iris Mittenaere uses this summertime to charge his batteries. This summer, the former Miss France dropped off her suitcases in Greece.

However, even if it passes good times with his darling, the beautiful brunette does not forget her fans. Whenever she has the opportunity, the ex-beauty queen shares beautiful photos. This is also a lot of fun for its subscribers.

It should be noted that at the moment the young woman has almost 3 million followers on his Instagram account. Also, Iris Mittenaere shared new photos recently.

In these snaps, the beautiful brunette can be seen dressed in a navy blue swimsuit as she spends time on the island of Ios. An outfit that highlights her amazing figure.

Thanks to this publication, we could also discover that Iris Mittenaere and her treasure have not been free this summer. The multiplied activities. They did a little swim in the waterwent on a boat trip as well as a romantic dinner.

“How to describe a perfect day in 5 pictures… The sun, cool water on the skin, my lover and delicious food,” she wrote in the caption of her post.

Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui

After being crowned Miss France in 2016, Iris Mittenaere’s life interests many people.

Many men have succumbed to the charm of the former Miss Universe, few have succeeded in seducing her. Iris lived a love story with Kev Adams. However, their romance did not last. It is therefore in the arms of the handsome Diego El Glaoui that she found love.

As a reminder it is towards the end of 2019 that the two lovebirds met. Iris Mittenaere says that everything was professional in the beginning. At that time, Diego El Glaoui wanted the beautiful brunette to be part of his agency.

But over time, this friendly and professional relationship took another turn. This is where they decided not to ” occupation “ together.

Since then, the two lovebirds have not let go. Evoking their romantic journey, Iris Mittenaere couldn’t hold back her tears. She claims that she met her beloved when she no longer believed in love. Their relationship has certainly not always been a long calm river, but Iris Mittenaere and Diego have always found the solution to every problem.

“I’m super proud of our couple,” she said in an interview with Les scouts.

His statement to his companion

Very much in love, Diego El Glaoui and Iris Mittenaere no longer hiding. It also sometimes happens that the former Miss France dedicates a post to her treasure on her Instagram account.

On July 31, 2022, for example, she shared a series of pictures together with her husband. The pair appear more complicit than ever. As a caption for the post, she wrote:

“So it’s love?” Find someone as crazy as yourself? »

A post that obviously made his subscribers react. Last January, Iris Mittenaere did too a publication dedicated to his companion on his Instagram account.

That day Diego had blown his 34th candle and his mate wanted to celebrate this event with him. Iris wanted first Happy Birthday to her girlfriend, the former Miss France, before saying that Diego is hers “friend” and His “partner to giggles and all the madness”.

For Iris Mittenaere, Diego is also her “love” which accompanies him in his passions by making him discover his own.

He is also his “soulmate” who wraps him up every day “of love and tenderness”according to the former beauty queen. A tender statement that she had finished with a little:

” I love you “

No doubt that all these sweet words touched the heart of the young entrepreneur. Hopefully their love will last a lifetime!

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