Mailinblack: 100% customizable email attack simulations to raise employee awareness!

Mailinblack, the Marseille nugget that makes cybersecurity accessible to all organizations, announces the implementation of a new feature for its cyberattack awareness and training solution, Cyber ​​coach. This allows organizations 100% Customize Email Attack Templates to make them more credible and realistic, thereby increasing employee awareness and vigilance for cyber risks. This new feature allows users to customize attack simulations according to the graphic charter of the company they want to imitate (logo, font, visual identity, etc.).

This new feature allows users to customize attack simulations according to the graphic charter of the company they want to imitate (logo, font, visual identity, etc.). Another option is to use the internal codes and graphics specific to their organization, allowing them to, for example, simulate a spear phishing attack (fraud on the president). They can also use a design specific to their activity (industry regulatory sector, customers or suppliers) or related to current events (health insurance, Personal Training Account, etc.).

Personalization is sent at the choice of the sender’s email address with the aim of creating an attack adapted to each organization for more effective prevention.

To evade advances in cybersecurity and fraudulent email detection, cyber attackers are further personalizing their attacks, making them increasingly difficult for employees to detect. The development of this new Cyber ​​​​Coach feature allows users to personalize the simulations according to their needs, to strengthen the vigilance reflexes of their employees and to increase their capabilities to detect fraudulent emails.”, explains Cassie Leroux, Product Director of Mailinblack.

You can discover Mailinblack’s Cyber ​​Coach here

Cognitive Sciences and Cybersecurity

Hackers use cognitive biases and shortcuts, as well as certain psychological traits to mislead your employees. Faced with cyber-attacks, several vulnerable behaviors are revealed by neuroscience and constitute human flaws: such as curiosity (indiscretion), or the temptation of profit (greed), stress and decreased alertness (attention tunneling) or altruism (empathy). In the case of curiosity, the desire to know “how much” other employees earn, although inappropriate, exacerbates the curiosity, which can only be satisfied by clicking on the fraudulent email…

The Cyber ​​Coach solution is based on cognitive science to raise awareness and effectively train employees in the face of social engineering cyber-attacks.

Experiential learning: an infallible teaching method

Bet on an innovative approach

Mailinblack collaborated with neuroscience experts to understand learning mechanisms and develop an effective solution. Learning the correct reflexes at the time of the failure, adapted content of the cybersecurity training and a repetition of the exercise after an effective distance strategy are the pillars on which we designed the solution. Cyber ​​Coach (formerly Phishing Coach).

Train your employees sustainably

Scenarios are the most effective way to raise awareness, engage and empower your teams against cyber risks (phishing, spearphishing, ransomware, etc.). You promote cyber resilience and users who are perceived as risky, i.e., who clicked and entered information, learn from their mistakes. Based on cognitive learning, the space strategy we recommend allows for repetition of the situation and maintains a high level of worker vigilance over time.

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