the university of hong kong takes up this challenge

Metaverse’s new state-of-the-art campus, known as MetaHKUST, has just launched and promises to provide a co-ed virtual reality classroom to all enrolled students worldwide. University Hong Kong is ready to welcome the launch of the new Guangzhou campus. Let’s see how combining VR and metaverse features can bring an immersive metaverse campus experience.

The University of Hong Kong ventures into the metaverse

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has launched a virtual reality classroom as part of its ultimate plan to create a fully immersive metaverse campus. HKUST said that this is the first step in their larger project to build “MetaHKUST”, which will be an educational zone in the world of the metaverse. MetaHKUST will connect the university’s Hong Kong campus with the Guangzhou campus, allowing students to take courses without physical geographical boundaries.

According to Hui, Guangzhou students will be able to sit in class and see their classmates, but when they put on their glasses, they will see their Hong Kong classmates sitting next to them. According to him, it is a feeling of unity and participation. Thanks to the digital classroom, students will be able to take the same courses on both campuses. Commencement days and graduations could just as easily be held virtually, as could the issuing of transcripts or diplomas as NFTs.

With this message Higher education he just entered a whole new dimension.

A futuristic vision of education

The key to the University of Hong Kong is to find ways to harness the huge potential and maintain a healthy ecosystem through advanced technology. HKUST is ready to reap the rewards of the metaverse in this new metaverse campus to offer its students more than just a traditional classroom. Students can have more interaction through virtual reality to increase academic performance on campus.

The metaverse campus decided to install a series of sensors, XR classrooms, visualization tools and HD cameras that will provide relevant information to the metaverse ecosystem. The university also announced that it will offer introductory metaspace engineering courses later in 2022. However, MetaHKUST is poised to provide students from around the world with an immersive learning experience as well as a holistic platform at the University of Hong Kong to create, innovate and connect effectively and efficiently.

As The University of TokyoThe University of Hong Kong is bringing its own little revolution and is promising for the world.


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