Barcelona, ​​a little paradise for French tech entrepreneurs

If Barcelona is attractive to everyone, it is even more so for French entrepreneurs. The sun, quality of life and lower labor costs add to the advantage of neighboring France, 160 kilometers away, and an easy connection to Paris in 1h15 by plane. About 350 French start-ups have settled in the Catalan city, and the French are by far the most numerous foreigners in the technology sector. Foreign investment funds are also settling there, such as Breega, which has just opened an office there.

“At the beginning of the 21st century, the first arrivals moved mainly to be near call centers, customer service or a range of activities without necessarily much added value,” explains Guillaume Rostand, president of France’s technology branch in Barcelona. With the advantage of being able to rely on a group of young Frenchmen who decided to spend a few years in Barcelona after their studies before embarking on their professional careers.

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