How to Change Application Language on Android Smartphones


android the operating system allows users to use their device in the language of their choice. However, the system language applies to the entire user interface, including settings, applications, and services. What if? You don’t want to change the language of the entire system and only certain applications to another language.

Fortunately, Android also allows users to choose the language of the app. This means you can choose to display one app in English and another in Hindi or any other available language.

What you need to know about changing the application language
App-level language feature is part of Android 13 operating system. However, it is also important that the app supports language switching feature. Otherwise it won’t work.


If you are currently using an older Android operating system, you can also go to the app and check if it has the app’s native language option.

How to change app language from android settings
On Samsung devices

  • Open Settings on your smartphone
  • Scroll down to General Administration and tap on App Language
  • Select the application and then the desired language

On Pixel smartphones

  • Go to Settings → System and tap Language & input
  • Tap Application languages
  • Select the app and then the language you want for the app

Now note that other smartphones will also offer an app language option in the settings. However, it will only be available after the Android 13 launch.


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