Tech: what trends for 2022?

Posted on January 2, 2022, 5:00 pmUpdated January 3, 2022 at 8:55 am

Exercise is not easy, but necessary. What will be the main trends emerging in 2022, two years after the outbreak of Covid-19 and the subsequent acceleration of the technology sector?

Investment bank GP Bullhound has been dealing with it for ten years and its predictions will be especially in France in a presidential election year. “It’s not just the health crisis that drives the trends, some are also the background and go back much further,” says Guillaume Bonneton, partner at GP Bullhound.

A new field of investigation

Interactions between individuals were disrupted for eighteen months and the emergence of metaversion offers a new field of exploration for all technology companies. The investment bank predicts that beta or final products will appear as early as 2022, which will bring new markets.

This universe overlaps with the NFT universe and the first generation of users could find there the perfect environment to buy, collect and exchange their virtual goods. This movement should still lead to a creative economy phenomenon that allows people to capture most of the value they create.

“On the one hand, you have a movement carried by several gigantic companies that concentrate use, as can be seen with connected objects in health. And on the other hand, the tendencies that push the constellation of actors to restore power. It’s the schizophrenia that we find in this sector every year and it still blows my mind. »

Keep up with growing global demand

Another important area is access to finance and health. The deferred payment trend that exploded in 2021 will once again be one of the drivers of technology in 2022, as will the multiplication of data collection for healthcare players looking for solutions and tools.

However, the resource-constrained world we live in does not prevent many players from looking for more efficient solutions and further increasing consumption. According to GP Bullhound, growing consumer demand is draining logistics innovation, as is the race for semiconductors concentrated around a handful of companies.

The last block identified by the investment bank, the one around work. The job market should fall even more into the hands of employees looking for “companies that share their values,” the report said. After the era of platforms and the “gig economy”, less uncertain and more sustainable solutions should emerge. “Depending on the sector, this will create many opportunities for French start-ups,” concludes Guillaume Bonneton. In terms of health, it has already benefited some, such as Doctolib or Lifen, while others have benefited from an increase in movement. »

Ten trends according to GP Bullhound

1- The emergence of the creative economy

2- The rise of decentralized finance

3- Technology supporting logistical challenges

4- Race for ARM processors

5- New virtual playground

6- Technology in the service of diversity and inclusion

7- Return of portable attached items

8- The problem of shortage of semiconductors

9- The wave of artificial intelligence in health

10- Anchored new use of payments

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