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Founded in 2021 by Sandra Tubert and Laura Ziegler, Algo Avocats is specialized expert on innovation topics. The firm operates in all areas of commercial law expertise and engages lawyers who share a deep understanding of the digital world and technology. Explanation with four hands.

Your business is recent, but your cooperation is old

We have actually been lawyers since 2011 and 2012, but have been working together since 2016; we were then co-workers in the independent French company August Debouzy. After a few years we decided to strike out on our own, first creating BCTG’s Tech & Data practice in October 2019, before returning to our original project in May 2021, building a company in our image, more agile, offering tailored support and has a position in the technology sector.

The world of innovation, large groups like the startups that make it up is challenging, you have to know how to meet their expectations, speak the same language as them and be able to adapt to their tools and their working methods, all with a good amount of energy and enthusiasm!

We offer our clients a real range of legal knowledge and a great degree of agility. Technologies are becoming increasingly complex and evolving very quickly, so it is essential to stay awake and train daily. We also do not hesitate to rethink the way we work with our customers, the service offerings we offer them, and organize training in collaboration with specialists, AI or cyber security engineers.

A specialized company in the field of IT data

We are fortunate to be developing in an industry that has been growing for several years and which has literally exploded with the health crisis, which has highlighted the need for digitization of all sectors of activity, even though it was quite far from it.

We feel that we are at the center of everything that is happening economically and politically.

If at the moment Europe does not have GAFA or BATX on its account, although many European companies, large groups or start-ups are top in their fields, they are trying to assert themselves more and more in the legislative field, as evidenced by the current explosion of legal regulations at the European level in on these topics (drafts of Regulation IA, ePrivacy Regulation, Data Act, Data Management Act, Digital Market Act, Digital Services Act, etc.). We note different visions, especially with the United States, and power relations, which are becoming more and more complex in these topics, as can currently be emphasized in the issue of the transfer of personal data outside the European Union.

Of course, we follow all these legislative projects very closely in order to help our clients anticipate future developments and build innovative legal solutions with them.

Innovation is exactly the common ground we share with the clients we support, companies in the technology world, both major accounts and startups, for whom these innovative projects are either at the core of their business model or a way to support their growth. We thus support software publishers, IT service providers, suppliers of hardware or connected objects, but also corporate clients of these solutions or products.

IT and data are very specific areas, what services do you offer?

Technology and data issues are often very intertwined.

Taking AI-based technology, for example, for an AI model to be effective, it needs to be powered by a large amount of data and at the same time take into account a legislative framework that is quite restrictive. We thus help our customers to respect this legislative framework, but also to structure their business by contractually overseeing these technological creations.

We provide advice and litigation in three main areas: tech & telecom, personal and digital data protection, internet and e-commerce.

When it comes to data protection, we can intervene in GDPR audits and compliance programs, as well as feasibility studies around data-centric projects or even the implementation of commercial prospecting or web marketing. We also support our clients in crisis situations, such as data breaches, during CNIL inspections or CNIL formal notification or sanction procedures.

It involves multiple partners: legal and technical teams, internal engineers, CIOs, CEOs and operations teams. Not everyone speaks the same language, we create a link and that is also what is interesting about our work. We need to adapt the advice, translate the law in an operational and pragmatic way.

We work on the technological and telecommunications part both within the implementation of digitization and dematerialization projects (electronic signature, e-payment), as well as on the protection and contractual supervision of technological creations with high added value of our customers. This is the case for our customers who are launching solutions integrating artificial intelligence, deep learning or blockchain-based solutions.

We also offer more traditional support in the structuring, contracting, negotiation of complex IT projects (SaaS contracts, through joint development contracts or integrating the agile method or even outsourcing contracts), but also in the structuring of distribution networks for software publishers. We also help them manage their pre-litigation and IT litigation and implement crisis strategies.

Finally, on the digital, internet and electronic side, we perform both website audits and compliance, as well as draft terms and conditions, terms of service, privacy policies and cookie policies.

Our entities deal with many partners: legal teams, DPOs, CIOs, CEOs and business teams. Not everyone speaks the same language, we create a link and that is also what is interesting about our work. We need to adapt the advice given to our partners and translate the law in an operational and pragmatic way.

What makes you different?

Our strength is primarily our team and our partners, who are passionate lawyers for innovative topics and new technologies in a broad sense. They are experts in their fields of activity (personal data law, new technology law, internet law, labor law, public law, company law), trained in leading law firms in France and abroad, who share the same vision.

Even beyond our specialized areas of expertise, our specialty lies in our deep knowledge of companies that are developing in the world of digital technology and technologies to support them for more than 10 years.

We therefore have an important measure of industry practices and therefore help our clients to take and/or strengthen their position in relation to market practices, sector of activity and/or sectors.

How do you see the future?

First, we are working on structuring our team, which has more than doubled since our inception! We also aim to develop our partnership system to incorporate into our structure the social law, venture capital, health law, banking regulation or public law lawyers who make up our ecosystem today. partners, support under the colors of Algo, our clients in all areas of law thanks to experts with a strong appetite for the world of technology and a great understanding of the challenges of this industry.

In terms of activity, we want to continue to accompany and help our customers in meeting their future challenges and challenges, which will be many and undoubtedly exciting (Web 3.0 development, metaverse, NFT, cyber security issues, etc.). To achieve this, we will continue to strengthen our training, especially in terms of understanding the technological aspects, in order to rethink our management and organization methods, as well as our service offerings, in order to be able to offer our customers support that is increasingly tailored to their needs. needs and limitations.

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