Facebook’s technology chief will be replaced by a “metaverse” specialist.

Mike Schroepfer, who came from Mozilla, joined Facebook in 2008. He will be succeeded by Andrew Bosworth, a loyal lieutenant of Mark Zuckerberg.

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, announced Wednesday that he will step down from his post in 2022 and be replaced by Andrew Bosworth, who currently heads the Augmented Reality Lab, where we research “meta version”, a parallel universe that makes digital giants dream.

“It’s a tough decision because I love Facebook and I’m really excited about the future we’re building together.”, Mike Schroepfer said on his profile. The engineer comes from Mozilla and joined Facebook in 2008. Since 2013, he held the position of Chief Technology Officer and in particular oversaw the rise of artificial intelligence systems within the California group. “Mike has been involved in almost everything we’ve built», greeted Mark Zuckerberg.

Self-learning software is essential to the company’s economic model, based on very fine and very large-scale ad targeting, but also to manage the challenge of content moderation, which has been the source of major scandals for several years. Under the supervision of Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s engineering teams developed artificial intelligence capable of supporting social network moderators. So much so that over 90% of moderation today is a result of this software.

Last May, Mike Schroepfer presented an algorithm deployed in 2020 to detect problematic content (violent, hateful, etc.) by crossing different signals (text, image), “overview”instead of too literal an interpretation of a word taken without its context.

Andrew Bosworth, follower of Mark Zuckerberg

The departure of Mike Schroepfer, who is highly regarded internally and seen as “voice of reasonamong Facebook executives, worries some observers. “When I left Facebook earlier this month, several employees asked me who would be their best ally now in terms of impacting the company. [du réseau social]. Who has always been on my list? Shrew [le surnom en interne de Mike Schroepfer]», tweeted Samidh Chakrabartiwhich has been devoted to these topics since 2015.”This news is troubling, especially for those who believe that platforms must act responsibly on social issues.»

Mike Schroepfer’s successor, Andrew Bosworth, has a reputation as Mark Zuckerberg’s loyal lieutenant. nickname “Godjoined Facebook in 2006. As an engineer, he was part of the group behind the news channel before taking care of the technology behind serving ads on the social network’s mobile app. Today, in the company, it embodies futuristic technologies that are still in their infancy.

In the leading positionFacebook Reality Labs(FRL), oversees augmented reality, which allows you to overlay information on your real environment through a screen or glasses. He’s also responsible for the Oculus brand and its immersive virtual reality headsets, which are mainly used for entertainment purposes…for now.

In late July, the group’s chief Mark Zuckerberg also said:God» leading a team dedicated to «meta version“, i.e “meta universe» where the real and the virtual merge until they merge, a sci-fi vision already present in video games. The founder of a platform with nearly 3 billion monthly users hopes to become a “the metaverse company in about 5 years”according to an interview on the website The Verge.

Mike Schroepfer said he will remain at Facebook as an advisor so he can focus more on his family and philanthropy.

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