How to defeat Maleketh, the Dark Blade

Maliketh is a relentless, optional boss who performs two radically polarizing phases. He is the guardian of Destined Death and one of the last bosses of the Elden Ring. The Battle of Maliketh is a major turning point in the game, preventing players from accessing the city and reducing Leyndell to ashes. Because of this, players should make sure to complete all of Leyndell’s quests before continuing to fight Maliketh. Players encounter Maliketh in the final act as Farum Azula crumbles and burns the Erdtree.


By the time we get to that, players will naturally be at a higher level as this fight is nearing the end of the game. Either way, try to aim for at least level 130, ideally 150 with maxed weapons. It’s also important to note that Maliketh will constantly try to close any gap between him and the player, making ranged weapons nearly impossible if you’re fighting alone. It is recommended that players fight Maliketh with melee weapons, but be equipped with a shield. Summoning an ash spirit will also help in trying to keep Maleketh busy and distracted. The most essential item to take into battle is the Blasphemous Claw, a tool specifically used to bring down Maliketh.



Battle format

Maliketh’s Beast Clergyman form will look familiar to players who have completed Gurraq’s Deathroot quest. Although it is fast, it absorbs a lot of damage. Once you halve his health, Clergyman transforms into Maliketh, the Dark Blade. Players will quickly notice that once Maliketh transforms, he is much faster and can easily surprise players with his dynamic jump across the arena. Maliketh releases dark magic projectiles and energy floating around him. Each of these attacks will cause your health to decrease over time.

Phase 1

First, players will fight Maliketh’s Beast Clergyman form. He charges at you hard with his dagger, and while dodging is a surefire means of survival, his attacks are fast and can be unpredictable. Paying attention to his movements will allow you to understand his attack signals. While staying close to him to close the gap is ideal, there will be times when running away from him is necessary.

• Port behind – Beast Clergyman, unlike most boss fights, will come full speed ahead and waste no time charging at you. However, most of his attacks during this phase move him to one area at a time. Additionally, his attacks are long, giving players a bit more time to dodge his attacks. By staying and attacking him from behind, you will reduce his health.
• THINK A STEP – When the Clergyman Beast looks like it’s going wild, widen the gap and get as far as possible. He crushes the ground around him, then uses chunks of rock coming out of the uneven ground and hurls them into the air, which soon causes them to fall and create a rain effect with the rocks. To avoid this during the fight, watch out for the areas of the floor where the Best Clergyman broke it.
• Scrolling – Rolling is key and that goes for both phases making rolling your best friend. By rolling under him just as you see him start his attacks, you may be able to completely dodge the damage. Note that dodging and rolling to the side is counterintuitive, and rolling his attacks is a better bet.

Phase 2

• Healing – Black Blade of Maliketh is devastating and can be the cause of your demise if you forget to heal. Since Maliketh’s attacks will deplete your health over time, he may not be able to heal at an ideal rate, but it will be enough to save you.
• Dodge – One of Maliketh’s attacks will require some dodging. He jumps onto a pillar and fires deadly red projectiles. Rolling right in front of these attacks can keep you safe. He will do this attack with a sword swing or unpredictable attacks, so be ready to dodge again.
• Blasphemer’s Claw – To get this ultimate tool to defeat Maleketh, you should complete the Knight Bernahld questline. This item has one key purpose and no other: to fend off Maleketh. While the claw is equipped, Maliketh’s most devastating and deadly attacks create a golden aura surrounding his blade. Activating the claw will then allow you to fend off these dangerous attacks, but be aware that time is not on your side. The best way to practice this crucial part of stage 2 is to get used to parrying other enemies beforehand.

A legend shot down

After defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade, players will be rewarded 220,000 runes as good as A memory of the black blade. Memory of the Black Blade will allow players to obtain Black Blade Cast Where Sword of Maliketh.

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