Here’s how to set up automatic replies in Microsoft Outlook

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One of the most important aspects of business is communication. How you run your business will depend on your ability to communicate with your customers and employees. It is essential that you find a solution that will help you optimize communication within your organization.

That’s why Microsoft Outlook auto-replies were created, which is a very useful feature when you’re on vacation or on a business trip, because you can use this feature to let people know that you can’t respond to their emails at the moment.

You may also choose to include additional information about when you will be available to give them the help they need and even provide alternate contacts where they can get quick help in the event of an emergency. In this guide we will explain how to configure automatic replies in Microsoft Outlook.

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Instant auto-replies in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook and click the gear icon at the top right, then at the bottom of the sidebar that appears, select View all Outlook settings choice.
  2. A new window will open, click on By email option and then select Automatic replies.
  3. Click on Enable automatic replies switch and check Please send responses only for the duration define the time during which you will be unavailable. Here's How To Set Up Automatic Replies In Microsoft Outlook - - August 30, 2022
  4. Then click on defend to enable the automatic reply feature in Microsoft Outlook.Here's How To Set Up Automatic Replies In Microsoft Outlook - - August 30, 2022

Note: Users have the option to limit these automatic replies to their Outlook contacts or even send them to people outside the organization.

Once you’re back in the office, you can turn off automatic replies by deactivating Enable automatic replies switch.


For both business and personal use, Outlook auto-replies can be extremely useful. They can help streamline your communications and get you out of the trap that many business owners find themselves in, such as constantly checking their inbox for new messages when they’re out of the office.

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