11 more games are expected to leave Game Pass in September 2022

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While it’s rightly known as the best value in gaming, it’s not all sunshine and roses on Xbox Game Pass, at least not all the time. So we have to draw attention to that at least 11 games will be removed from Game Pass during the month of September. And there are some pretty popular names on the list too. Let’s see.

But there is a silver lining. Game Pass members can purchase any of these games at a minimum 20% discount. Links to the Xbox Store are listed. But you have to act fast before they are deleted. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a specific removal date, although games are usually added and removed in the middle (e.g. around the 15th) and at the end of the month, with some exceptions.

All three Final Fantasy XIII games are currently available on Game Pass

Plague Story: Innocence and Final Fantasy XIII there are the most publicized departures. Fans of the former will at least get the latter Arrival suite in October, Plague Tale: Requiem, as quite a nice consolation. Although it would be nice to have Innocence and Requiem side by side for those who haven’t been able to discover the series yet. And it’s also sad to see the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy split on Game Pass.

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Unfortunately, occasional deletions are part of game subscription services. Which one disappointed you the most when you see it go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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