Crypto games: bot invasion becomes problematic

and crypto games is full of opportunities to introduce players to the industry and earn them some tokens at the same time. However, robots they are more and more numerous to establish themselves at the expense of others.

Most bots in some games

Gaming has found a good place in the crypto sector. Between meta version who rides the wave and Play to earn, every user has the opportunity to discover the blockchain universe. For casual players, the rewards seem to be plentiful, especially since the chips paid out can add up over time. However, some less honest individuals have found a way to earn more cryptocurrency at the expense of other internet users.

Establishment robots it has long been verified about online video games. Between farm bots and multi-accounts, all means are good to reap rewards faster. However, the story has been in crypto games since robots will henceforth be the subject of a real invasion.

Jigging analyzed all wallets interacting with each crypto game and found that on average 40% of open accounts would robots.

Source: Twitter account of Levan

According to the graphs produced by Jigger’s algorithm, all the orange circles are actually bots. These are especially visible in games like Tiny World, which wouldn’t go below 70%. robots. The algorithm also analyzed some platforms like Biswap and reported the presence of 13,000 robots among its users. These would be created to take advantage of the site’s affiliate program.

Are crypto games on the right track to mainstream blockchain?

Despite the presence frauds aimed at undressing players, robots and security issues, crypto games raise all hopes. Indeed, according to Triple-A, 46.8% of cryptocurrency holders would intend to spend it at GameFi. Blockchain is becoming increasingly popular in the world of video games, and with a third of the world’s population interested in it, cryptocurrencies could soon be playing. generalize.

Also, blockchain based games are said to have exploded by 1000% since last year. So it seems that the crypto gaming industry is holding up well despite the crypto winter. According to a message by DappRadar, at least $2.5 billion has been invested in it as of April 2022. This figure exceeds by 33% the sum of investments selected last year. The stakes therefore seem high for crypto games that seem to be immune to crisis. However, security remains a priority if the sector is to continue, otherwise many players will be lost. Axie Infinity thus recorded the departure of 40% of its subscribers after hack deleted last spring.


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