Ticketmaster chooses Flow blockchain for its NFT tickets

After yesterday, the official arrival of NFT on Facebook and Instagramhere’s another mainstream player lifting the veil a bit more on its NFT-related activities: Ticketmaster announced today that it has been testing NFT ticketing for the past six months.

According to Unscramble, the Flow blockchain was chosen for these tests. These very special NFT tickets were mainly released for a very limited number of events, such as the last Super Bowl final. Therefore, they primarily served as a more or less folklore proof of participation. According to Dapper Labs, a total of 5 million NFTs have been issued on the Flow blockchain.

From there, see NFT take effect on Ticketmaster, in the form of a new standard for all tickets sold by the platform? Let’s not exaggerate: indeed, if a platform for these experiments has developed a wallet directly integrated into its website, the idea is not yet to generalize the process.

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