Verizon could offer all Apple services to mobile subscribers

Because all eyes are on Apple ahead of next week iPhone 14 launch eventVerizon may have another incentive to entice iOS users to sign up for its 5G service: including Apple One, a bundle of all Apple services, as a free perk.

Verizon may include the Apple One with the most expensive “5G Get More” tier, according to MacRumors. This tier, which costs $90 for one person per month, has a list of benefits that it currently includes apple arcade Where Google Play Ticket and Apple Musicanyway Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN Moreas well as 600GB of Verizon cloud data.

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The Apple One bundle will include other services such as Apple TV Plus, Apple Fitness Plus, Apple News More and 50GB of iCloud storage, which usually costs $15 a month for one.

Verizon declined to comment.

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