ZD Tech: All About Cyber ​​Security in Under 3 Minutes!

All about cyber security in less than 3 minutes! ZDNet brings you ZD Tech editorial podcast themed playlists this summer. The opportunity to return today to the elected representatives of post-quantum cryptography, metaversion and policing, bug bounty bugs, personal data theft on the dark web and many other news.

The first choice of post-quantum cryptography

The American Institute of Technology Standards NIST this week announced the first four post-quantum cryptographic algorithms of its choice.

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Metaverse: don’t worry, the police are already there

A police operation in the metaverse? Operation 404, as it’s called, shut down 324 websites hosted in Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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When bounties go wrong

Bug bounty allows companies to patch vulnerabilities discovered by independent security researchers and pay them for their work. But sometimes, some leaders are completely out of line.

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How the personal data of over a billion people was offered for sale on the dark web

Names, addresses, ID numbers and mobile phone numbers: this is probably the biggest data theft in history.

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