NFT: principle, promises and risks

In a matter of months, NFTs have invaded the digital space and the media, generating numerous controversies. Should we bet on this certification technology accused of promoting fraud and money laundering? Summary NFT. In the sometimes highly coded digital world, it is the latest fashionable acronym. An acronym that makes you dream or fantasize. A … Read more

Cryptocurrencies: NFTs Conquering Classic Art – 08/22/2022 at 14:51

(AFP/JUSTIN TALLIS) A painting virtually carved out and sold to multiple investors, digital reproductions… Experimenters compete with ideas to introduce “non-fungible tokens” into the art world. Some investors and experimenters are trying to introduce NFTs into the world of art galleries and museums. As a reminder, these non-fungible tokens are digital tokens based on same … Read more

the exciting proposal from a Parisian collective

The initiative of the Parisian studio LCD Lab aims to bridge the gap between Web3 and physical art: behind the promises, the communication of the collective also raises questions. The NFT community in the Solana blockchain has been vibrating since this announcement from the Parisian collective LCD Lab dated August 23, which promises “a new … Read more