Bitcoin falls 17% in April; Bored Ape NFT sales increase Ethereum fees

The long-awaited online sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from a Bored Ape-themed metaverse world called “Otherside” was completed by Yuga Labs on May 1, increasing Ethereum fees. There were 55,000 NFT Otherdeeds for sale and Yuga Labs tweeted that they were all sold out. In other news, Cloudflare, a web security solutions company, has successfully … Read more

Alec Monopoly, the king of street art, launches his NFT collection: his exclusive interview with Forbes

While the art world has undergone its transformation for more than a year through the Web3.0 universe and the NFT world, we had the opportunity to interview Alec Monopoly, a personality particularly known in the street art world, who opens his art gallery in Dubai and launches its first NFT collection. The opportunity to better … Read more

Meta-Hebdo: NFTs in your metaverse image?

Apparently, often is not what they look like – We see it every week in our Meta-Weekly Letter, the metaverse grows. Sandboxes, Decentraland or even more traditional platforms like Roblox, these future social spaces are animated by avatars. Your digital alter ego is then the one that represents you. Web3 technologies now allow us, thanks … Read more

In the pursuit of funding, the sports world is grabbing NFTs

On May 17, Sedan Ardennes Sports Club (CSSA) launches its collection of “non-fungible tokens” (or NFT, for Non-fungible token). Pardon ? Who does what ? Yes, the football club Sedan, famous for its unexpected final in the Coupe de France in 1999 and its unexpected adventure in Ligue 1 the same year and continued until … Read more

“Plush”: all about the first French film funded by NFTs

Illuminart, in collaboration with Rooftop Production and the Karlab Studios, launched the production of Plush, the first French animated film funded by NFTs. If anything, a cinema release is planned for the end of 2023. This is the first time a French film has used cryptocurrencies in its financing. Justified “Plush»(translate plush), this animated feature … Read more