NFT – A market that is already on the verge of surpassing the sales record in 2021

The NFTs market has a development that can be described as very personal. But it simply corresponds to the special character of this new sector, which emerged as such over the last year. All primarily driven by the release of new successive and sometimes (very) popular collections. And a “fluctuating” growth curve that allows its … Read more

2021 The NFT report by is out!

For the market NFTs, the year 2021 was incredibly significant. Explosion in the number of wallet, of sellers and buyers, of projects or even of the amount in dollars exchanged … But also the arrival of superstars and international brands that have started using NFTs. Here are some important things from’s annual report for … Read more

training in new professions with NFTs and cryptocurrencies

The emergence of blockchain in banking / finance Influenced by new technologies, the banking sector has been able to come back by integrating e.g. in its practice blockchainin particular, a technology that makes it possible to store and transfer information securely and to optimize certain banking processes (improving the traceability of operations, combating fraud, reducing … Read more

NFT, metaverse … what options for brands?

Expert Chronicles Digital On 03/05/2022 Share Share Share Reading time: 3 minutes How the virtual world and the real world mix and what are the underlying issues for companies. Still a vague and distant concept, the metaverse is often defined as a parallel universe made up of virtual worlds. However, this concept is nothing new, … Read more