“Christ’s passion for the destiny of every creature” must “live the believer” – ZENIT

“Christ’s passion for the destiny of every creature” must “live the believer” – ZENIT

It is “Christ’s passion for the destiny of every creature that must enliven the believer’s gaze on all: a gratuitous love, without measure and without calculation”, writes Pope Francis in a message addressed to the occasion of the XLIII meeting for friendship between peoples. Pope Francis addressed a message to Fr. Francesco Lambiasi, Bishop of … Read more

Five wines for your next roast

It’s corn season. We like it cooked with lots of butter and salt. Others prefer to cook it in salads, grill it on the grill, to accompany avocado toast or even a tomato salsa. Quebec loves Indian wheat! Everyone remembers the not-so-distant era of the famous corn roasts, when the famous cob gave rise to … Read more

Mika: everything you need to know about his beloved Andy, who has shared his life for more than 10 years!

Mika is not very talkative when it comes to talking about his private life. But during an interview with Têtu magazine, he said gave himself to some confidences and spoke of his companion. We tell you everything. Mika’s childhood was not easy Born August 18, 1983 in Lebanon, Mika did not have an easy childhood. … Read more

Meeting in Rimini: Francis calls for selfless love for all

On the occasion of the next “Meeting of Friendship between Peoples”, to be held from August 20 to 25 in Rimini, Italy, the Holy Father addressed the bishop of this diocese, Mgr Francesco Lambiasi, where he welcomed the initiative and encouraged the participants to to “recognize Christ himself in every forsaken or excluded brother”. “Let … Read more