Recognize sexual burnout

Since the onset of the pandemic, it has been fashionable to distinguish between two types of couples: those who have survived nearly two years of confinement and those who, less resilient, have seen their history break between two new variants. But according to a study widely circulated on the internet and especially Stylist UK, a … Read more

the incredible race of a returning criminal and a prison officer in Alabama

Since April 29, Vicky White and Casey White have been on the run after the former, a model prison officer, helped the criminal, described as extremely dangerous, escape from an Alabama prison. It is a race based on romance that has kept America in suspense for a week. On the one hand, a model is … Read more

Louis Bertignac, crushed, went to his ex Carla Bruni after his breakup with his girlfriend

In 2008, Louis Bertignac had to face a painful separation with the mothers of his two daughters. Fortunately, the singer could count on the support of his ex-girlfriend, Carla Bruni, during this period. We’ll tell you more. When Louis Bertignac saw his world crumble after the breakup with his wife, Julie Delafosse, Louis Bertignac spent … Read more

Jacques Martin, whose traumatized father drank eau de toilette, was waiting for the love of his absent mother

Jacques Martin was a man who was deeply influenced by his childhood. This phase of his life had a significant impact on the man he became. Described as a “bully” by some, he was a father to others. Become a true holy TV monster, Jacques Martin received for months, years of endless applause for his … Read more