This week in news history, August 28

A medieval folding chair discovered in Germany, a huge Roman phallus statue found in Spain, an 800-year-old murder victim discovered in England. A folding chair found in a 1,400-year-old grave of an elite woman in southern Germany Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of MonumentsThe chair was discovered in the Middle Franconia region of Bavaria … Read more

ZD Tech: All About Cyber ​​Security in Under 3 Minutes!

All about cyber security in less than 3 minutes! ZDNet brings you ZD Tech editorial podcast themed playlists this summer. The opportunity to return today to the elected representatives of post-quantum cryptography, metaversion and policing, bug bounty bugs, personal data theft on the dark web and many other news. The first choice of post-quantum cryptography … Read more

Download Memtest86 9.4.1000 | TechSpot

– Advertising – Memtest86 is a free, standalone memory testing software for x86 and Arm computers. It runs from USB sticks to test your computer’s RAM for errors using algorithms that have been developed for over 20 years. Unreliable RAM can cause a number of problems. Data corruption, crashes, and other unexplained behavior. Bad RAM … Read more

Thai SEC creates new rules for crypto advertising

Key points to remember Thailand’s SEC has introduced a set of six rules for cryptocurrency companies advertising services. Generally speaking, these rules will ensure that clear warnings are provided and otherwise limit advertising options. The rules went into effect on September 1st and all entries must be reviewed within 30 days of the effective date. … Read more