Children of the moon: what is it? reasons? consequences? supported?

Have you ever heard of “children of the moon”? If this name seems quite magical, it nevertheless hides a much less painful reality: xeroderma pimentosum (XP). This very rare hereditary disease induces hypersensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. In fact, they are the so-called “children of the moon” cannot be exposed to the sun, under penalty of … Read more

Mafate’s schools are emptying

In Mafate the school is dying and it is not about easy language. On the part of the circus administered by the city of La Possession (Grand-Place, Aurère, Ilet-à-Malheur, Ilet-à-Bourse, La Nouvelle), the number of enrolled children fell by 43% between the start of the school year in August 2016 and this year. Symbolic of … Read more

Heading for a stalemate in the war in Ukraine? “The strategic conflict will last for years,” says specialist Nicolas Gosset

Published on 08/18 at 15:12 By Sabrina Berhin According to researcher at the Royal Defense Institute, Nicolas Gosset, the conflict in Ukraine is set to last several years. Everyone sticks to their positions. Kiev does not want to give anything to Moscow. And Moscow wants to install a buffer zone with the EU and NATO … Read more

Top 10 types of parents found on the beach

It’s not because we’re on vacation that we’ve put aside our little quirks of parenting and our dreams of repressed children. The beach has a knack for assembling one heck of a panel of parents that we couldn’t resist introducing you to. 1. The dictator of fun Snowshoes, balls, yoga exercises and jogging with feet … Read more

At Vigenal in Limoges, the Vital social center pampers children with various activities throughout the summer

“This week the theme of the activities is science”, announces Fatimé Bangali Daouda, school mediator and citizen participation in the Vital social center, in Vigenal. This is the first year that the center organizes summer activities. Excursions, activities and manual occupations, there is something for everyone. “For example, we had the La Roulotte toy library, … Read more

Differences and advantages of NFT and Cryptocurrency with Dr. Yasam Ayavefe

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn NFT: Non-Fungible Token. It is a symbol used to represent the property of an item. The “tokenization” of everyday household items into priceless works of art is used to purchase wants and needs via a token. The term “non-fungible” means that it cannot be replaced by something else because it … Read more