mixed couple tells of 73 years of love and prejudice

Together for more than 7 decades, an interracial couple opens up about the negative reactions from each of their communities, their loved ones and pastors regarding their relationship. In love with each other, they decided to overcome prejudice and prove that love triumphs over all. British-born Trudy Menard and British-Guyana-born Barclay Patoir, now called Guyana, … Read more

Surfin’Bitcoin reveals the list of personalities for the 2022 edition

For beginners as well as for the most experienced in the fields of cryptocurrencies, the Surfin’Bitcoin event returns in 2022 with a program for all audiences. This Sunday, its organizer Jonathan Herscovici released new information about the speakers, the schedule and the box office. The third edition of this annual meeting is going international. Speakers … Read more

Meta-Hebdo: NFTs in your metaverse image?

Apparently, often is not what they look like – We see it every week in our Meta-Weekly Letter, the metaverse grows. Sandboxes, Decentraland or even more traditional platforms like Roblox, these future social spaces are animated by avatars. Your digital alter ego is then the one that represents you. Web3 technologies now allow us, thanks … Read more

A millionaire disguises himself as a homeless man and arrives at his fiancée’s house before the wedding: today’s story

Richard Gray was an impressive young man who, despite the wealth of his parents, was humble and caring, enabling him to meet his fiancée. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned after the millionaire appeared in front of his girlfriend and pretended to be homeless. The Gray family was known for its wealth. Some said … Read more

Crypto Venture Capital’s rejection of venture capital and “The Box”

Do not miss CoinDesk’s Consensus 2022, this year’s crypto and blockchain festival experience in Austin, TX, 9-12. June. I really like Bloomberg’s “Odd Lots” podcast. The hosts are pretty good (Tracy and Yes), and they consistently bring in amazing guests (readers may remember the Zoltan Pozsar-inspired Reserve Asset 3.0 article on an “Odd Lots” podcast). … Read more