Malaysia and the use of blockchain to verify and trace the halal meat circuit

Tehran (IQNA) – One of the biggest issues regarding halal certifications is brand authenticity. As a leader in the Halal industry, Malaysia is looking to achieve this through new technologies that would make it easier for businesses and their customers to access truly Halal products. “Blockchain” is a system of recording and reporting. Its difference … Read more

Binance and Inoni Tech Launch Learning Center in Cameroon

(Agence Ecofin) – The inflexibility of financial regulators and the uncertainty hanging over the viability of crypto-assets do not prevent the emergence of an increasingly dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem in Africa. In the official press release published Tuesday On August 23, Binance, billed as the world’s first blockchain ecosystem and cryptoasset infrastructure provider, announced the launch … Read more

the art market’s new historical turning point

Modern art and then contemporary art introduced more freedom in terms of inspirations and techniques and gradually expanded the art into music, fashion and applied art. Warhol, Johns or even Liechtenstein initiated a profound movement to integrate popular culture, make art more accessible, connect it to eras and their aspirations, to our emotions and our … Read more