the asset management company specializing in cryptocurrencies

Crypto-assets represent investments that allow you to diversify your financial investments. Bitcoin is just one example, as the cryptocurrency market is evolving at a rate that defies all predictions. DeFi, gaming, NFT, Metaverse, stablecoins, etc .: there is no shortage of investment strategies for cryptocurrencies. Without documented knowledge of this new asset class and constant … Read more

The grandchildren of the elites destroyed by Mao have again become much richer than the average Chinese

The children and families of leaders who were cleansed or not during Mao’s time are better off than the average Chinese population. ©Greg Baker / AFP Chinese sociology According to a study by an international group of researchers, the descendants of the elites destroyed by Mao are now richer and have a better level of … Read more

what is “web3”, the new age of the internet?

A fashionable concept that excites both the technology sphere and communicators, “web3” is presented by its followers as the new version of the Internet, more decentralized and based on “blockchain”, the technology behind NFTs and cryptocurrencies. “It seems to be more of a marketing phrase than a reality at the moment,” Tesla carmaker Elon Musk … Read more