“The beggars save water for the kings”… In Estéron, the drought and its restrictions are going badly

The mayor walks down an alley in the old village with a hasty step, trying to make us lie: “There are also many flowers that die, I’ll show you that!” Roquesteron, less than 600 inhabitants, located on the banks of the Estéron. This mid-mountain sector classified by the prefecture as a “crisis” drought alert, where … Read more

Childhood cancer and pollution: the “omerta” continues

There are numbers that will leave you speechless and trigger the wrath of scientists. Why the environmental problem is not tackled head-on in the fight against childhood cancer ? This is the debate raised by Professor Philip Landrigan, director of the Global Observatory on Planetary Health at Boston College and project leader at the Monaco … Read more

why NFTs share the artistic community

NFTs, these titles of digital object ownership that are sometimes bought for handsome sums, open up new perspectives for digital artists who often have a hard time making money on their virtual works. But within the artistic community, these “non-fungible tokens” are causing a heated debate between its supporters and its opponents. Living off your … Read more

In the midst of the ruins at Borodianka, children sing to heal

Piano teacher Oksana Shevchenko shows a pile of twisted metal and cement. This is all that is left of the school where she worked for 30 years, pulverized during the Russian occupation of Borodianka, a northwestern suburb of Kiev. “The land and nothing else. A burnt wilderness instead of a place of culture where the … Read more