Russian Nobel Dmitry Muratov medal sold to Ukrainian children

Dmitry Muratov, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 and editor-in-chief of one of Russia’s last independent newspapers, raised $ 103.5 million on Monday night by auctioning off his medal in an effort to help children displaced by war in Ukraine. Follow our live. 11:22: a Russian platform and its well on fire in … Read more

Elizabeth II and the “terrible children” of the British Crown.

The photograph, Thursday 2 June, of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace will remain as one of the key images of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum anniversary or her 70 years on the British throne. If fans of the monarchy marvel at seeing the sovereign surrounded by part of her family, keen observers … Read more

“Mysterious” cases of hepatitis in children leave scientists confused

Dozens of children in Europe and the United States have been infected with acute hepatitis of unknown origin since early April. European health authorities have begun investigating this mysterious disease, which in a few rare cases has required a liver transplant. The point of several experts based in the UK where the first cases were … Read more

Vegetarian children are twice as likely to be underweight as those who eat everything

Vegan food is increasingly being offered and is available to children, especially in school canteens. ©NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP Balanced diet According to a study by Canadian researchers, vegetarian children are almost twice as likely to be underweight. Is it possible to follow a vegetarian diet without being underweight? Atlantico: According to a study conducted … Read more