In the Loiret, Internet access by all means

“Sometimes it suddenly breaks, so everything is erased and you have to start over”, grumbles Bernadette, immersed in the admissions file that she filled out on the Internet. The 68-year-old deputy mayor, who will undergo surgery at the end of August, spent hours there. Low speed, repeated cuts, wi-fi problems, often combined with the absence … Read more

François to the young people of Equipes Notre-Dame: “Don’t be afraid to take risks!”

The Holy Father received in audience on Saturday 6 August young people, married couples and priests from the Equipes Notre-Dame (END) movement, an association of believers founded in France in 1939. Claire Riobé – Vatican City “You would hear from the Pope’s own mouth that Holy Mother Church loves you and is counting on you. … Read more

James BKS reveals his identity in full light – RFI Musique

Everyone was waiting for him on a firm basis last November. His concert at La Cigale, in the fall, during MaMA, a large gathering of professional musicians that brings together the cream of producers, TV stations, journalists, had the effect of a bomb, as a prelude to his first disc, which was to released a … Read more

Team INCA: “We still have time to grow” – News

A Spanish-speaking and now Colombian project, Team INCA had its heyday at the Alpine Classic 2019. Colombian Jhon Jairo Alonso was invited to the third step on the podium. Since then, Jean-Marc Goullieux, manager, and his now sports director and coach, Louis Faure, have tried to keep the project going. But the other city admits … Read more

the end of the French doctrine of “case by case”?

For the first time on Tuesday, France carried out a massive repatriation of minors, including the mothers of these children of jihadists who fought for the Islamic State organization in Syria. A departure from the French doctrine of “case-by-case”, which suggests a change in the hard line adopted by Paris, the unions hope for the … Read more

France repatriates 35 children and 16 mothers detained in camps in Syria

Published on: 07/05/2022 – 09:33Changed: 07/05/2022 – 13:44 France continued on Tuesday with the repatriation to the national territory of 35 French minor children who were in the camps in northeastern Syria, the French Foreign Ministry announced in a press release. The operation also included “the return of sixteen mothers from the same camps,” the … Read more

Rachel Jedinak, a tireless witness to the Holocaust

Rachel Jedinak was eight years old on July 16, 1942, when French police arrested her, her older sister and their mother during the large Vel d’Hiv gathering. For twenty-six years she has told tirelessly. On the desk, behind which she sat, she put only her watch. Now she’s watching Shoah Memorial’s auditorium fill up. About … Read more

The difficult question of the return of jihadists to France

They are still around 200, trapped and lonely in the hostility of the Syrian desert. Unlike its European neighbors, France remains reluctant to repatriate its children of jihadists, even if those who have returned merge into the normality of a rediscovered childhood. Since 2016, 126 children whose parents joined territories conquered by Islamic State have … Read more

France out of step with its European neighbors

Belgium repatriated six women and sixteen children of jihadists from Syria of Belgian nationality this Tuesday, June 21st. The women were locked up as soon as they arrived at the ground, where the children were taken care of by the youth guard. Federal prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw described the repatriation as “political decision (…) based … Read more