UNICEF provides financial assistance to 350,000 children through the “Spilno” program

Kyiv, August 17, 2022 – Launched on March 31, 2022 in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy, the “Spilno” program was created to meet the needs of families with children, who are among the most vulnerable groups in Ukraine. Since then, UNICEF has distributed $125 million through this program and helped 350,000 children – … Read more

Haiti: thousands of children suffering from acute malnutrition

Port-au-Prince, August 5, 2022 – That increase in gang violence has deprived some urban areas of Haiti of access to health services. In Cité Soleil – a town in Port-au-Prince ravaged by violence – 1 child out of 20 are at risk of dying from severe acute malnutrition, UNICEF warned today. According to the latest … Read more

Climate change: a first-ever global policy framework to protect children on the move

Geneva/New York/Washington, 25 July 2022 – The Principles for Children on the Move in the Context of Climate Change provide a set of 9 principles that present unique and overlapping vulnerabilities of children on the move, both within and across borders, due to adverse impacts of climate change. Currently, most child-related migration policies do not … Read more

Ukraine: the devastating effect of war on children

New York, June 14, 2022 – “ I spent the last week in Ukraine, where I met children and families affected by war, where I saw the importance of UNICEF’s humanitarian efforts, and where I met the authorities, my colleagues in the UN and partner organizations. I was able to travel to Kiev, Irpin, Bucha, … Read more

25 years of children and armed conflict: action to protect children in war

Geneva, June 28, 2022 – “Hi. It’s a pleasure to be with you. UNICEF today launches a major new report entitled “ 25 years with children and armed conflict : To act to protect children in war ». This report coincides with the 25th year of the SRSG’s mandate on children and armed conflict. Our … Read more

Horn of Africa: Child marriages increase as the drought intensifies

Nairobi, 29 June 2022 – In the most drought-stricken areas of Ethiopia, child marriages have more than doubled in a year, according to UNICEF’s analysis. The number of children at risk of dropping out of school in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia due to the effects of the crisis has tripled in three months – leaving … Read more

Serious violations against children in conflict continue to grow

New York / Geneva, June 28, 2022 – Between 2005 and In 2020, the UN confirmed more than 266 000 serious abuse of children committed by parties to conflicts for more than 30 years conflict situations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, UNICEF said today in a new report (1). This figure … Read more

Nearly 37 million children have been displaced worldwide – the highest number ever recorded

New York / Paris, June 17, 2022 – Conflict, violence and other crises left a record 36.5 million children displaced from their homes by the end of 2021, according to UNICEF estimates – the highest number recorded since World War II. This number includes 13.7 million of children refugees and asylum seekers † and almost … Read more

100 days of war: “Ukrainian children need peace, and they need it now”

Kiev, June 4, 2022 – “Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, Madam First Lady of Ukraine, I would like to thank you for bringing us together on this dark but important occasion and also to thank you personally for the strength and courage you have shown by making known and sharing with world children’s stories and carry … Read more

After 100 days of war in Ukraine, 5.2 million children need humanitarian aid

New York / Geneva / Kiev, the 1st June 2022 – Ukraine’s 100-day war has had devastating consequences for children on a scale and at a rate not seen since World War II, UNICEF reports today. Three million children in Ukraine and more than 2.2 million children in host countries now need humanitarian aid. Nearly … Read more