and Artprice observe no impact of the crisis in Ukraine on auction sales – 22/06/2022 at. 15:00

PARIS, 22 June 2022 / PRNewswire / – Four months after the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, the art market continues to follow its agenda undisturbed by the conflict unfolding at the gates of Europe. The prestigious Art Basel, TEFAF and Brafa fairs follow each other in Europe, as does the Venice Biennale … Read more

the asset management company specializing in cryptocurrencies

Crypto-assets represent investments that allow you to diversify your financial investments. Bitcoin is just one example, as the cryptocurrency market is evolving at a rate that defies all predictions. DeFi, gaming, NFT, Metaverse, stablecoins, etc .: there is no shortage of investment strategies for cryptocurrencies. Without documented knowledge of this new asset class and constant … Read more

NasDas, the digital Robin Hood in a poor district of Perpignan – 20/06/2022 at. 19:26

NasDas, the influencer with about four million subscribers on Snapchat, in a street in Perpignan, June 3, 2022 (AFP / Lionel BONAVENTURE) NasDas, the influencer with about four million subscribers to Snapchat, delights the networks by filming life in his poor neighborhood in Perpignan, where he looks like a big brother distributing money and gifts … Read more

The art market regains its pre-pandemic splendor at the Basel fair – 18/06/2022 at 15:00

The artwork “The shooting … 1st July 2006” by the artist Folkert de Jong exhibited at Art Basel on 14 June 2022 in Basel, Switzerland (AFP / SEBASTIEN BOZON) The art market returns to pre-pandemic splendor at the Basel Art Fair despite war in Ukraine and turbulent markets, and inflation gives wealthy collectors another reason … Read more

In Marseille, dilapidated schools, overheated “thermal sieves” – 16/06/2022 at. 18:59

A schoolgirl walks past posters “Children in danger” and “Abandoned school” at the entrance to a school in Marseille on 16 June 2022 during a heat wave (AFP / Nicolas TUCAT) More than thirty degrees on the thermometer in the classrooms, not a meter of shadow on the asphalt of the playgrounds: The early heat … Read more Art enters the Metaverse – 15/06/2022 kl. 14:30

PARIS, June 15, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Nothing will ever replace the unique experience of admiring a work in person at a museum, but it does not take away from what a reproduction in a book or even on the Internet can bring. It also happens that museums have to close their doors for … Read more

Cryptocurrency: what guarantees for your cryptocurrencies? – 31/05/2022 kl. 10:24

Cryptocurrency: what guarantees for your cryptocurrencies ?. Image Credit: Adobe Stock While the collapse of Terra threatened part of the crypto ecosystem, the exchange platform Coinbase announced that in the event of bankruptcy, it would be possible to consider the loss of cryptocurrencies stored in the name of customers. At the same time, ECB President … Read more

Should women be interested in cryptocurrencies?

Women are not very present in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin photo credit: Elnur / Shutterstock / Elnur Women are not very present in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. They are known to be risk averse. However, France has adopted a new regulatory framework that can encourage them to do so. Summary: bitcoin and cryptocurrencies A new regulatory framework … Read more

Homework help, how can I effectively support my children? – 17/05/2022 at 16:30

Homework help, how can I effectively support my children? Homework help should not be a bad time for the child. In order for his learning to take place under the best conditions, it is crucial that he can feel comfortable and above all eager to revise his lessons and do his exercises. Here are some … Read more

A Giant Criminal and a Prison Officer’s Incredible Escape in Alabama – 05/05/2022 at. 07:21

Video footage released by Lauderdale County shows Casey White, a Lauderdale Detention Center inmate fleeing with the help of Vicky White, Alabama’s Deputy Director of Corrections, April 29, 2022 (Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department / Handout) It’s a runaway with a background of romance that has kept America spellbound for a week, with an incredible cast: … Read more